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Harold E. Durbin


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Mr. Durbin has been involved in instrumentation technology and the testing, recovery, recycling, and treatment of hazardous wastes for over 40 years. His knowledge includes all phases of sales, tele-marketing, service, calibration, and repair of electronic, pneumatic and hazardous chemical monitoring instruments, and their applications. Eastman Kodak, Taylor Instrument Co. and Stauffer Chemical Co. have employed him in various instrument, environmental, and chemical engineering capacities.

Following his years of experience in this field, he became Vice-President of Engineering, Marketing and co-founder of Computerized Pollution Abatement Corporation, an environmental company dedicated to solving the testing, profitable recovery, recycling, and treatment of hazardous wastes.

In 1974 he co-founded Instrument Personnel, Incorporated, an industrial instrument engineering, testing, calibration, N.C.I.T. certification, training, and service company, where he is the Vice-President of Engineering. In 1983, he founded the College of Instrument Technology. Mr. Durbin is an educator, scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and developed Transportable Treatment Units (TTU) for the profitable recovery, recycling, and treatment of soils contaminated with gasoline, diesel, hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents. Mr. Durbin, a Licensed Contractor with over 40 years experience as a HAZ Certified Heavy Equipment Operator Driver prepared and teaches C.I.T.ʼs Contractor Business Development Curricula.

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