Commercial Driver License A

Level A Truck Driving Operator License 240 hrs. Hands-On Training

[_Title]All heavy equipment Operator Training includes Level A Truck Driving Operator Class “A” License which trains and certifies graduates to load, tie down and transport the equipment they operate and haul the material they excavate. This is a 6 week class. There is also an optional Green Jobs Bus Driver Passenger Endorsement.

At CIT, we do not recommend taking only the Truck Driving Class as you will have a much better chance of landing a higher paying job if you are able to operate and transport the heavy equipment that you will be using on the job site. The course objective is to provide the Trucking and Transportation Industry safe, reliable, trained individuals with knowledge of the latest skills, attitudes and qualifications that will be conducive to a long lasting, profitable and safety oriented employee/employer relationship.

  • Hands-On introduction to Truck Rigs
  • Load, tie-down heavy equipment for transport
  • Trucking Trade Training Review
  • City Construction and Long haul Trucking
  • Tankers, Doubles, Triples and HAZ Endorsements
  • New Green Jobs
  • Optional for Bus Driver Passenger Endorsement for Green Jobs for additional $1,000 using Modern Natural Gas Bus


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At the College of Instrument Technology (CIT), we do not cut corners with your education and training. Your success reflects directly on our college, so we are in your corner from day one. CIT offers classes in many disciplines including CDL Commercial Truck Driving Level "A", Tow Truck Operator, Bus Driver Passenger Endorsement, numerous Heavy Equipment classes including Swing Cab Crane or Boom Truck Crane Certifications as well as Waste Water Management and various Instrument Calibration classes. Instrument Technology Process Control was Green before Green was cool. These certifications allow you to work anywhere in the world with these job skills. If you are over 18 years of age, have a clean criminal history, a good driving record, a desire to better yourself and your career, then you need to contact CIT as soon as possible.

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