CSL100: Contractor's State License Law & Trade Test Review

16-24 Weeks/480 Hours

Pass CA Contractor's License exam if qualified with 4 years of experience.
OR if Entry Level without 4 years of experience learn a Contractor’s Trade, and certify in order to enter the work field utilizing your previous experience. Unique educational arrangement combines the best of the classroom experience, in the field hands-on training and digital lectures.  The combination of of these various learning techniques gives students a good understanding of the test subjects.  


50 Modules   Contractor’s License Law Starting a Contracting Business
1 Quotes, Patents and Contracts
2 Understanding California License Law, DBA  and  Business License
3 Mechanics Lien, Bonds and Insurance
Contractors License Law Test Preparation and Final Exam
240 HOURS   License Law in 8 - 12 Weeks   50  Modules = DIPLOMA
68 Modules   Contractor’s License Trade Running a Contracting Business
1 Introduction to Operating Equipment, Service, and Storage
2 Introduction to Contractor’s Advertising and Marketing
3 Trade Training Review - CAL / OSHA and N.C.I.T. Certification
4 OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 18 Modules = (40 + 8 + 8 hours required)
Contractors License Trade Qualify Test Preparation and Final Exam
240 HOURS   License Trade in 8 - 12 Weeks   68  Modules = DIPLOMA
118 Modules   Contractor’s License Law & Trade Training   Entry Level
Total 480 HOURS   Trade maximum in 16 - 24 Weeks   118  Modules = DIPLOMA
Occupational Classification Code: 11-9021

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